Motorcycle Clubs are Not Gangs

I love motorcycles. Nothing beats sitting on a Harley Davidson and roaring down the road with my biological brother and all of our fellow riders. We share a common community, we promote fundraising, brotherhood and freedom by showing solidarity and a unified presence.

However, the freedom of the open road is often soiled by police officers who have decided that, because we are on motorcycles and wear similar clothing, somehow we are a gang and are guilty of something.

Constant harassment, suspicion and illegal searches are something that you have to "just deal with" in the motorcycle world. That is, until we all stand up and DEMAND the same privacy and respect that the other groups out there get. Gay and Lesbian groups, they can wear there pink shirts and march down the street with banners held high. What about Shriners? Those hats and little cars? No problem. Then you have your Ku Klux Klan. Well, these people actually MURDER and BURN the people they don't like, and yet they still have a "constitutional right" to march unmolested by the police.

Now, throw on a leather jacket and saddle up on a motorcycle and somehow you are part of an international organization of crime and hatred. Somehow, by riding with your friends, having fun and taking social media pictures from our bikes makes us an organized crime syndicate.

Right now, there are Law Enforcement Agencies trying to take the patches, insignias and logos of Motorcycle Clubs because they claim they are seizing gang property. Why don't they take Starbucks Uniforms? We all know those prices should be a crime.

I am putting together the funding to film a 2-hour documentary of motorcycle clubs in the United States, to show the side of the clubs that the media doesn't ever portray. Whenever you see an MC on television, it's always some sort of roughneck gang or thuggish group and not really representing the  majority of the motorcycle clubs out there.

The Ride to Freedom is a Fundly Crowdfunding campaign that, I hope, will allow me to explore the world of the Motorcycle Clubs over the United States, interview and speak with members and organizers, and talk to the communities that these motorcycle clubs belong to.

This documentary will be given to National Geographic and The Discovery Channel, as well as being independently released on Youtube, Hulu, Vimeo and on a website dedicated to it's constant update and display.

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