Arm Yourselves

GoPro Hero: This camera is a great addition to anyone's arsenal of protection, evidence gathering and private safety. You can review the camera here and I suggest that you use it whenever you are stopped by the police. Dash-Cam footage has been used, in court, to expose corruption, tampering with evidence, covering up abuse and falsifying charges.

Police Proof Your Cellphone: The police may lawfully search mobile phones of an arrested person, without obtaining a search warrant. Any time you are arrested for any reason, this includes parking tickets, vagrancy and any other crime you can be arrested for, will allow the police to search your cellphone, emails, contacts, social media, text messages for any evidence to incriminate you. Use these techniques to protect yourself:

  1. Keep your cellphone away from your person. Leave it in a console, glove box, trunk or away from your person. If it is immediately available on your person, they can search your phone.
  2. PASSWORD PROTECT: Ensure that your phone is password protected. NEVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO THE POLICE. They can never force you to give your password to the police. If you volunteer your password to them, for any reason, and they CAN AND WILL lie to you, it gives them free reign to search your phone, email, contacts, text messages and anything else on the device. REMEMBER, you do not have to give this password to them no matter what they say. Just tell them that you have nothing to say other than giving them your name that is all that is required by law. Plead the 5th amendment, the right to remain silent and to not self incriminate. Also, it is against the law for you to lie to them, but not for them. If you say nothing other than your name, you are not lying or helping them to collect evidence against you.
  3. If they seize your phone: Remote Wipe your phone of all of its information (if applicable) and do not, under any circumstances, give them permission to keep, see, use, unlock, or otherwise access your electronics. 
Understand that in this day and age, the United States suffers from "Over-criminalization" and that it is relatively easy for them to find something that you have done that is illegal. For example, did you know that you are guilty of committed a felony if you possess a lobster that is too small? Technically, this is a crime and they could, in fact, arrest you for that and have all the legal right to search you and your property for additional crimes.

You have to arm yourselves against unlawful and criminal behavior of those who claim to be peacekeepers. Ensure you are protected.