Ferguson: Curfew

February 12, 1942:

A special curfew for Jews was proclaimed yesterday by the German military authorities throughout occupied France, it is reported here today by the Deutsche Nachrichten Bureau, official Nazi news agency. No Jew is permitted to leave his home after eight o’clock in the evening.

August 16, 2014: 

A special curfew for residents of Ferguson, Missouri, was proclaimed by the state authorities throughout the city of Ferguson. No resident is allowed to protest or be out in the streets after 12:00 midnight. 

To equate this curfew to Nazi Military Authorities may be a bit of a stretch, but not so much that it's entirely unreasonable. The people of Ferguson are calling for justice, calling for answers to the death of Mike Brown. This curfew has been called for because of a relatively small amount of rioting and looting in the city, that was greatly opposed by the citizens in a major rally to show solidarity and that they are not unlawful, which was quickly put down.

Governor Dixon deflected questions and stepped away from the microphone during a press conference when asked directly about what is being done to find justice.

Where this leads, only time will tell, but the sad truth is that this behavior has been seen in the past and it is very disturbing and alarming to see it starting to play out in the United States of America.

We must have this nipped quickly, before these state governments decide that they can impose unconstitutional laws on it's people.

Stay Informed.

Ferguson, Missouri: The Beginning of the End

It's been some time since my last post to this blog. Traveling and investigating issues with civil rights violations and criminal behavior of our "so called" protectors has had me focused on other things. Now that I've witnessed, first hand, the disgusting issues happening in the United States, I find myself in need of an outlet for my outrage.

Ferguson Missouri has showed us what happens when Police are allowed to run rampant and make their own rules. The community under siege is not Iraq, it is not a war torn country with totalitarian dictators making the rules (or is it?) it is a community in The United States of America.

It is unbelievable that a city in the United States of America has been allowed to be occupied by a hostile enemy army. This behavior is not only immoral, it has to be illegal, and every day that this issue continues, this occupying army rolls out higher and higher levels of subversion and oppression.

We as a nation need to rise up, demand from the United States Department of Justice that our police officers need to demilitarize, be forced to undergo comprehensive training on how to be human beings again and that they MUST be held accountable for the crimes they have done to our freedom, our constitution and our way of life.

More Police Brutality

As the disturbing trend of police brutality and shootings continue, some people in Albuquerque New Mexico are taking to the streets and claiming back their security. Now, I never condone or encourage violence against police. That is a battle you can't win. There are more of them, they'll call in support, they have bigger guns, better guns and they will move into even more brutal tactics to subdue you.

Check out this article:


It's getting worse. 

What it is to be an American.

To me, being an American means holding myself and others to a higher standard. To always present myself to people with the attitude I wish to be presented with and to behave in a manner that is reflective of my culture, society and people. What it is to be an American is pride, freedom, and hope.

This country was founded on the principal of fighting against tyrants and carving out our own future, our destiny. The tyrants we rebelled against fought back but eventually we won our freedom and became the greatest nation the world had ever seen. Innovation, power, technology, freedoms and civil rights that were found nowhere else in the world. The people of this great nation held themselves with a higher regard and were ever watchful against the rise of tyrants.

Now, in this day and age, we find ourselves under the oppressive boot of an oligarchy of tyrants who control every aspect of our lives. Government agencies telling us who to talk to, what to eat, where to go and what to do. Corporations tracking our every move, targeting ads and intrusive demands to purchase the latest designer product before we become out of style and forgotten.

Mega-Conglomerates that have a stranglehold on the flow of commodities, information, fuel, power, clean water, transportation and education give us the ultimatum of Do what we say or you can't have any of our toys. We live in a society controlled by bullies and petty old men who believe that they have to control everything in order to keep the peace. The truth is, the harder you hold on, the  more of us fall through the gaps in your fingers.

This oligarchy wants us to believe that the individual has no power, that one voice will not be heard.


One voice, one stand, one person to stop in the flow of the crowd and go against the flood. One person who stands up and shouts, in righteous discontent, I WILL BE HEARD. 
Watch, Listen, to Charlie Chaplin in his greatest speech that rings true to this very day.


"Opt Out of Everything"

"Big Data" and the government programs to capture all of our data, whether for police purposes or for advertisers, is a powerful tool that corporations are using to control us. Information as private as our social security numbers, addresses, bank accounts, purchase habits, locations and emails are all up for grabs in order to control the flow of information in the United States.

I propose that we all rise up and "Opt Out of Everything", demand that our data becomes OUR property and accessible by US when WE want it. Morgan Spurlock's "Inside Man" showed a harrowing example of what the corporations, government and sites online are doing with our information. It also showed how it is nearly impossible for us to request our own information, but if we want to snoop into another party's information, it's a simple as a few mouse clicks and a search.

In order to make a dent in this nonsense, we all have to decide that we want to have our privacy back. This will take some time, as we have been conditioned to just accept the "Terms and Conditions" of everything we use, which allows companies to take our data and use it however they see fit. They sell this information in massive quantities to as many people who want to buy it.

Opt out.


Opt Out.

Inalienable - Not subject to transfer.

Inalienable. Not subject to sale or transfer; inseparable. That which is inalienable cannot be bought, sold, or transferred from one individual to another.

These are the rights, set forth in the constitution of the United States of America, and protects it's people from abuse, tyranny and oppression. The Government does not have the AUTHORITY to remove, transfer, deny or alter our rights and any government that tries, is subject to harsh retaliation from the people of the United States. 

Do not allow the government to seize your rights, they simply do not have the power to do so if you choose to stand.

Big Data and Privacy

The sad truth is that privacy in the modern world is a myth. We live in a world where the government, advertising agencies and private parties have access to every single ounce of information we've ever generated. Birth records, fingerprints, cell phones, twitter, facebook, blogs and all of the conveniences we love in life are responsible for tracking every moment of our lives.

What do we do? I propose we demand a government ordered "OptOutOfEverything" campaign to give us a fresh start and a reset button, just like Tyler Durden wanted to do in FightClub.

What is worse is that even if this government program does (magically) happen, how to do we know if they actually do purge the information?

We all need to demand access to our information, the ability to modify and edit it and a general "OptOutOfEverything" option.

Motorcycle Clubs are Not Gangs

I love motorcycles. Nothing beats sitting on a Harley Davidson and roaring down the road with my biological brother and all of our fellow riders. We share a common community, we promote fundraising, brotherhood and freedom by showing solidarity and a unified presence.

However, the freedom of the open road is often soiled by police officers who have decided that, because we are on motorcycles and wear similar clothing, somehow we are a gang and are guilty of something.

Constant harassment, suspicion and illegal searches are something that you have to "just deal with" in the motorcycle world. That is, until we all stand up and DEMAND the same privacy and respect that the other groups out there get. Gay and Lesbian groups, they can wear there pink shirts and march down the street with banners held high. What about Shriners? Those hats and little cars? No problem. Then you have your Ku Klux Klan. Well, these people actually MURDER and BURN the people they don't like, and yet they still have a "constitutional right" to march unmolested by the police.

Now, throw on a leather jacket and saddle up on a motorcycle and somehow you are part of an international organization of crime and hatred. Somehow, by riding with your friends, having fun and taking social media pictures from our bikes makes us an organized crime syndicate.

Right now, there are Law Enforcement Agencies trying to take the patches, insignias and logos of Motorcycle Clubs because they claim they are seizing gang property. Why don't they take Starbucks Uniforms? We all know those prices should be a crime.

I am putting together the funding to film a 2-hour documentary of motorcycle clubs in the United States, to show the side of the clubs that the media doesn't ever portray. Whenever you see an MC on television, it's always some sort of roughneck gang or thuggish group and not really representing the  majority of the motorcycle clubs out there.

The Ride to Freedom is a Fundly Crowdfunding campaign that, I hope, will allow me to explore the world of the Motorcycle Clubs over the United States, interview and speak with members and organizers, and talk to the communities that these motorcycle clubs belong to.

This documentary will be given to National Geographic and The Discovery Channel, as well as being independently released on Youtube, Hulu, Vimeo and on a website dedicated to it's constant update and display.

Support This Project

9/11 & Our Freedom

The 9/11 attacks on America, undoubtedly, gave us some of the most profound changes to our national security. Since that fateful day, we've launched wars, killed terrorists and made significant changes to our national policies that were very necessary at the time. When the American people witnessed the attacks, there was an immediate need to keep the peace and to establish order.

We allowed the government extra liberties and power, during a national crisis, to help maintain and restore order to the country. We sacrificed a great deal of our American freedoms in order to catch the people responsible for these heinous attacks and to protect our future from additional assaults.

It is time, however, that WE THE PEOPLE take back the authority and demand accountability for the governments actions. We need to stand up and let "big brother" know that we will no longer stand for these injustices, that we do not accept unwarranted intrusions into our privacy, that we do not accept police brutality, that we do not accept militarizing our police forces and that we will no longer accept a government that hides its actions from its people.

Understand that if we do not demand accountability from the government and start to push back against the growing suspicions of FREE AND INNOCENT people, we will eventually pass a point of no return and enter into a dark time where we have no freedom, liberty or justice. A dark time where our country sacrifices the freedom and rights of its people under the auspices of a false threat to the nation.

Tyrannical leaders and corporations are twisting the law and eroding our freedoms, keeping us unhealthy and uneducated, ensuring that we are fearful of one another and dependent on the "Machine" to keep us safe. With poverty levels and unemployment soaring, hunger and starvation present in our country and programs designed to help people being eroded, a systematic effort to eliminate the American Dream has been in place for a long time now.

Never forget, it is up to each and every one of us to demand government accountability and to force the changes we want to see.

The time to act and be free is now. You may not have the opportunity tomorrow.

Who Watches the Watchmen?

With the severe level of surveillance being done to United States Citizens, GPS, Automatic License Plate Tracking, Cellphone Recordings, IP Address Recording and all the rest, it makes me wonder why there are no tracking devices for our police forces? UAV's in the air, recording our movements, police patrol cars on the streets and officers walking on foot, these things should have ACCOUNTABILITY to the point of being tracked as well.

If we are paying these public servants to do these jobs, they should be held accountable for there whereabouts and be tracked with more scrutiny than a free American citizen. Law Enforcement Officers should have a tracking system in place to ensure they are where they are supposed to be, to ensure they are following the law and doing their duties and to be held to a much higher standard than your average citizen.

Police Officers are whining about GPS Tracking for them, saying that "How long will it be before someone hacks into the system to evade police?"

Please. I am not interested in that, that is an issue with the network security just like EVERY OTHER NETWORK out there. What I am concerned about is why the police immediately cry foul when they will be forced to have accountability for their locations, actions and duties. After all, are they not public servants? Are they not doing a PUBLIC job and, as such, should have their PUBLIC duties recorded to ensure fair practices?   

If this country was fair, it would ensure that all public officials have a tracking system in place to make sure they are doing their duty. If they go over the speed limit while on duty with no cause? They will get called on it. Police have been doing this for years. What about if they stop off at a friends house to watch a football game during their duty hours? It's happened. What about that clandestine meeting where some "favors" are traded for turning a blind eye?

You bet your ass I want to know what's going on and when the police want to subpena my locations, tracking devices, facial recognition, credit card spending, cell phones, computer IP addresses and everything else, I want to hold them to the same standards.


Don't like it? Then don't force it on us.