"Opt Out of Everything"

"Big Data" and the government programs to capture all of our data, whether for police purposes or for advertisers, is a powerful tool that corporations are using to control us. Information as private as our social security numbers, addresses, bank accounts, purchase habits, locations and emails are all up for grabs in order to control the flow of information in the United States.

I propose that we all rise up and "Opt Out of Everything", demand that our data becomes OUR property and accessible by US when WE want it. Morgan Spurlock's "Inside Man" showed a harrowing example of what the corporations, government and sites online are doing with our information. It also showed how it is nearly impossible for us to request our own information, but if we want to snoop into another party's information, it's a simple as a few mouse clicks and a search.

In order to make a dent in this nonsense, we all have to decide that we want to have our privacy back. This will take some time, as we have been conditioned to just accept the "Terms and Conditions" of everything we use, which allows companies to take our data and use it however they see fit. They sell this information in massive quantities to as many people who want to buy it.

Opt out.


Opt Out.

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