What it is to be an American.

To me, being an American means holding myself and others to a higher standard. To always present myself to people with the attitude I wish to be presented with and to behave in a manner that is reflective of my culture, society and people. What it is to be an American is pride, freedom, and hope.

This country was founded on the principal of fighting against tyrants and carving out our own future, our destiny. The tyrants we rebelled against fought back but eventually we won our freedom and became the greatest nation the world had ever seen. Innovation, power, technology, freedoms and civil rights that were found nowhere else in the world. The people of this great nation held themselves with a higher regard and were ever watchful against the rise of tyrants.

Now, in this day and age, we find ourselves under the oppressive boot of an oligarchy of tyrants who control every aspect of our lives. Government agencies telling us who to talk to, what to eat, where to go and what to do. Corporations tracking our every move, targeting ads and intrusive demands to purchase the latest designer product before we become out of style and forgotten.

Mega-Conglomerates that have a stranglehold on the flow of commodities, information, fuel, power, clean water, transportation and education give us the ultimatum of Do what we say or you can't have any of our toys. We live in a society controlled by bullies and petty old men who believe that they have to control everything in order to keep the peace. The truth is, the harder you hold on, the  more of us fall through the gaps in your fingers.

This oligarchy wants us to believe that the individual has no power, that one voice will not be heard.


One voice, one stand, one person to stop in the flow of the crowd and go against the flood. One person who stands up and shouts, in righteous discontent, I WILL BE HEARD. 
Watch, Listen, to Charlie Chaplin in his greatest speech that rings true to this very day.


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