9/11 & Our Freedom

The 9/11 attacks on America, undoubtedly, gave us some of the most profound changes to our national security. Since that fateful day, we've launched wars, killed terrorists and made significant changes to our national policies that were very necessary at the time. When the American people witnessed the attacks, there was an immediate need to keep the peace and to establish order.

We allowed the government extra liberties and power, during a national crisis, to help maintain and restore order to the country. We sacrificed a great deal of our American freedoms in order to catch the people responsible for these heinous attacks and to protect our future from additional assaults.

It is time, however, that WE THE PEOPLE take back the authority and demand accountability for the governments actions. We need to stand up and let "big brother" know that we will no longer stand for these injustices, that we do not accept unwarranted intrusions into our privacy, that we do not accept police brutality, that we do not accept militarizing our police forces and that we will no longer accept a government that hides its actions from its people.

Understand that if we do not demand accountability from the government and start to push back against the growing suspicions of FREE AND INNOCENT people, we will eventually pass a point of no return and enter into a dark time where we have no freedom, liberty or justice. A dark time where our country sacrifices the freedom and rights of its people under the auspices of a false threat to the nation.

Tyrannical leaders and corporations are twisting the law and eroding our freedoms, keeping us unhealthy and uneducated, ensuring that we are fearful of one another and dependent on the "Machine" to keep us safe. With poverty levels and unemployment soaring, hunger and starvation present in our country and programs designed to help people being eroded, a systematic effort to eliminate the American Dream has been in place for a long time now.

Never forget, it is up to each and every one of us to demand government accountability and to force the changes we want to see.

The time to act and be free is now. You may not have the opportunity tomorrow.

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