Who Watches the Watchmen?

With the severe level of surveillance being done to United States Citizens, GPS, Automatic License Plate Tracking, Cellphone Recordings, IP Address Recording and all the rest, it makes me wonder why there are no tracking devices for our police forces? UAV's in the air, recording our movements, police patrol cars on the streets and officers walking on foot, these things should have ACCOUNTABILITY to the point of being tracked as well.

If we are paying these public servants to do these jobs, they should be held accountable for there whereabouts and be tracked with more scrutiny than a free American citizen. Law Enforcement Officers should have a tracking system in place to ensure they are where they are supposed to be, to ensure they are following the law and doing their duties and to be held to a much higher standard than your average citizen.

Police Officers are whining about GPS Tracking for them, saying that "How long will it be before someone hacks into the system to evade police?"

Please. I am not interested in that, that is an issue with the network security just like EVERY OTHER NETWORK out there. What I am concerned about is why the police immediately cry foul when they will be forced to have accountability for their locations, actions and duties. After all, are they not public servants? Are they not doing a PUBLIC job and, as such, should have their PUBLIC duties recorded to ensure fair practices?   

If this country was fair, it would ensure that all public officials have a tracking system in place to make sure they are doing their duty. If they go over the speed limit while on duty with no cause? They will get called on it. Police have been doing this for years. What about if they stop off at a friends house to watch a football game during their duty hours? It's happened. What about that clandestine meeting where some "favors" are traded for turning a blind eye?

You bet your ass I want to know what's going on and when the police want to subpena my locations, tracking devices, facial recognition, credit card spending, cell phones, computer IP addresses and everything else, I want to hold them to the same standards.


Don't like it? Then don't force it on us.

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