The American Dream

In the America I envision, due process, freedom and liberty are given to everyone and the courts, police and media would see people as Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Unfortunately, in the America I wake up to see, some people are Guilty before they ever get a chance to prove their innocence.

I fly an American Flag from sun up to sun down. It is taken from its case and the pole with all prescribed honor and dignity, a ritual worthy of a great nations symbol of freedom and liberty. I believe in America and the freedoms we used to have. I believe in an America where people actually stopped to say hello to a stranger, rather than automatically assuming them guilty of something.

I believe in an America where the PEOPLE gave government authority and those elected officials, agencies and organizations were held accountable for their actions. When the threat of impeachment was a real and serious threat, one that carried weight and power. I believe in an America where the freedom to peacefully protest was a right and that the assembled police force was there to protect the PROTESTOR and not to abuse, incriminate and assault them.

I have a great deal of hope for America, but in order to see actual change, Americans need to stand up, read, get involved and become willing to make the hard choice to fight for the right things, to stand together and unify. Once we become "ONE NATION" again, then the injustice and criminal behavior of our government will be called into question and those responsible will be held accountable.

There was once a dream ... a dream of a nation of free men and women who fought against Tyranny and would never stand for it in their country. This dream was America.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, people stopped dreaming.

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