Criminal Behavior

Do the police also fall under this organized crime charges? We have thousands upon thousands of pieces of video evidence, court cases where police abuse, assault, murder, maim, destroy, torture and rape innocent people.

9-110.800      Violent Crimes in Aid of Racketeering Activity (18 U.S.C. § 1959) 

Section 1959 makes it a crime to commit any of a list of violent crimes in return for pecuniary compensation from an enterprise engaged in racketeering activity, or for the purpose of joining, remaining with, or advancing in such an enterprise. The listed violent crimes are murder, kidnapping, maiming, assault with a dangerous weapon, assault resulting in serious bodily injury, and threatening to commit a "crime of violence," as defined in 18 U.S.C. § 16. The listed crimes may be violations of State or Federal law. In addition, attempts and conspiracies to commit the listed crimes are covered. The maximum penalty varies with the particular violent crime involved, ranging from a fine and/or three years imprisonment up to a fine and/or life imprisonment, except for any murder occurring on or after September 13, 1994, which are subject to the death penalty. 

Under 18 U.S.C  § 1959, anyone committing a crime while in an organization in order to receive compensation or advancement are guilty and the organization is as well. While the police departments do their best to coverup and abolish the criminal charges against their gang members (officers) the precedent of conviction of these criminals has already been established. In order to move up in the criminal ranks of their police organization, officers are required to make as many arrests as possible to bolster their credibility with their fellow criminals and advance in prestige, compensation and rank. 

Officers who claim they were "doing their duty" but were also still found guilty of criminal activity were only doing what they were trained to do. The police are not there to help or protect, to serve or assist, they exist to find a way of putting people into jail. 

Over-Criminalization and abuse of authority are made easier by the militarization of the police forces in the United States of America. Billions of dollars' worth of military weapons and equipment is available to local police departments through grant programs administered by federal agencies such as the Departments of Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security. 

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