The Police and You

The Police Force in the United States are there to serve and protect, yes, but it is their job and obligation to put you in jail. They are NOT there to be your friends, while on duty, a police officer will do whatever it takes to find you guilty of a crime and to put you in jail or court because of that crime.

The Police Force has always had its share of both law abiding members and criminal members, those who break the rights and laws of the free people of the United States by asserting their "authority" into situations where it is not warranted.

In recent years, the availability of technology such as The GoPro Hero provides us with an inexpensive method of protecting ourselves in police encounters by documenting the encounter with audio and visual evidence.

Please Note: Some police officers may tell you it is unlawful to record them. THIS IS A LIE.

Police officers are public servants and, as such, they are allowed to be filmed and recorded without giving express permission and it is UNLAWFUL for them to demand, seize, threaten or otherwise prohibit you from filming them during their duties.

Arm and Educate yourself against corruption.

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